Package pylal :: Module exttrig_dataquery
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Module exttrig_dataquery

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Parses the command line arguments.
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plot_segments(segdict, onsource, offsource, centertime, plot_window, output_filename, tag)
Creates time series plots of segments for each IFO.
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check_segment_availability(grb_name, grb_time, query_start, query_end, offset, ifo, segmentName)
Searches +/- offset from GRB time to download the latest segment lists then extracts times and puts them into a txt file.
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exttrig_dataquery(grb_name, grb_time, grb_ra, grb_dec, offset, config_file, extend=False, useold=False, make_plots=False, make_xml=False)
Finds science time of all available IFOs.
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Variables [hide private]
  itertools = __import__("itertools")