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Class fuQscanNode

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glue.pipeline.CondorDAGNode --+
                     FUNode --+

QScan node.  This node writes its output to the web directory specified in
the inifile + the ifo and gps time.  For example:

The omega scan command line is 

        wpipeline scan -r -c H1_hoft.txt -f H-H1_RDS_C03_L2-870946612-870946742.qcache -o QSCAN/foreground-hoft-qscan/H1/870946677.52929688 870946677.52929688


Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, dag, job, cp, opts, time, ifo, frame_cache, p_nodes=[], type="ht", variety="fg") source code
fix_config_for_science_run(self, config, time) source code

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__init__(self, dag, job, cp, opts, time, ifo, frame_cache, p_nodes=[], type="ht", variety="fg")

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  • job - the CondorJob that this node corresponds to.
Overrides: FUNode.__init__