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GstAudioAdapterGstAdapter like class that understands audio stream formats.
Misc — Collection of miscellaneous utility functions.
GSTLALAudioUnderSample — Undersample an audio stream.
GstLALCacheSrc — Retrieve frame files from locations recorded in a LAL cache file.
Debugging — Debugging macros.
GSTLALDrop — Drop samples from the start of a stream.
GSTLALFIRBank — Projects a single audio channel onto a bank of FIR filters to produce a multi-channel output.
gstlal_frhistoryGValue type for holding FrHistory information.
GSTLALGate — Flag buffers as gaps based on the value of a control input.
GstLALGPSSystemClock — GstSystemClock sub-class that reports GPS time.
GSTLALMatrixMixer — Compute linear combinations of time series channels.
GSTLALNoFakeDisconts — Fix broken GST_BUFFER_FLAG_DISCONT flags.
GstTSVEnc — Converts audio time-series to tab-separated ascii text, a format compatible with most plotting utilities.
GSTLALReblock — Chop audio buffers into smaller pieces to enforce a maximum allowed buffer duration.
Segments — Support for passing segment lists through GObject properties.
GSTLALSegmentSrc — The output is a buffer of boolean values specifying when a list of segments are on and off.
GSTLALStateVector — Converts a state vector stream into booleans, for example to drive a lal_gate element.
GSTLALSumSquares — Computes the weighted sum-of-squares of the input channels.
Tags — Extra tags to help describe gravitational-wave data streams.
GSTLALToggleComplex — Toggle complex-valued <--> real-valued format.
GSTLALWhiten — Whiten coloured Gaussian noise.
gstlalcollectpads — Custom GstCollectPads to assist with combining input streams synchronously.
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