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Class SnglInspiralTable

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     object --+                
 ligolw.Element --+            
ligolw.EmptyElement --+        
           ligolw.Table --+    
             object --+   |    
                      |   |    
                   list --+    
                table.Table --+

Nested Classes [hide private]
Helpful parent class for row objects.

Inherited from table.Table: TableName

Instance Methods [hide private]
get_bank_effective_snr(self, fac=250.0) source code
get_bank_new_snr(self, index=6.0) source code
get_chirp_eff_dist(self, ref_mass=1.4) source code
get_column(self, column, fac=250.0, index=6.0) source code
get_cont_effective_snr(self, fac=250.0) source code
get_cont_new_snr(self, index=6.0) source code
get_effective_snr(self, fac=250.0) source code
get_end(self) source code
get_lvS5stat(self) source code
get_new_snr(self, index=6.0) source code
get_reduced_bank_chisq(self) source code
get_reduced_chisq(self) source code
get_reduced_cont_chisq(self) source code
get_snr_over_chi(self) source code
getslide(self, slide_num)
Return the triggers with a specific slide number.
source code
ifocut(self, ifo, inplace=False)
Return a SnglInspiralTable with rows from self having IFO equal to the given ifo.
source code
veto(self, seglist) source code
veto_seglistdict(self, seglistdict) source code
vetoed(self, seglist)
Return the inverse of what veto returns, i.e., return the triggers that lie within a given seglist.
source code
vetoed_seglistdict(self, seglistdict) source code

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Class Methods [hide private]

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Class Variables [hide private]
  constraints = 'PRIMARY KEY (event_id)'
  interncolumns = ('process_id', 'ifo', 'search', 'channel')
  next_id = <glue.ligolw.ilwd.sngl_inspiral_event_id_class objec...
  tableName = 'sngl_inspiral'
  validcolumns = {'Gamma0': 'real_4', 'Gamma1': 'real_4', 'Gamma...

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Properties [hide private]

Inherited from table.Table: Name

Inherited from ligolw.Table: Type

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Method Details [hide private]

getslide(self, slide_num)

source code 

Return the triggers with a specific slide number.

  • slide_num - the slide number to recover (contained in the event_id)

ifocut(self, ifo, inplace=False)

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Return a SnglInspiralTable with rows from self having IFO equal to the given ifo. If inplace, modify self directly, else create a new table and fill it.

Class Variable Details [hide private]



<glue.ligolw.ilwd.sngl_inspiral_event_id_class object at 0x7f390417155\



{'Gamma0': 'real_4',
 'Gamma1': 'real_4',
 'Gamma2': 'real_4',
 'Gamma3': 'real_4',
 'Gamma4': 'real_4',
 'Gamma5': 'real_4',
 'Gamma6': 'real_4',
 'Gamma7': 'real_4',