Package pylal :: Module skylocutils :: Class CoincData
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Class CoincData

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object --+

simple container for the information needed to run the sky localization code

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here are all the things we need
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set_ifos(self, ifolist)
set the ifo_list ans ifo_coincs from the list of ifos involved in the coincidence
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set_snr(self, snrdict) source code
set_gps(self, gpsdict) source code
set_effDs(self, effDdict) source code
set_masses(self, m1, m2) source code
set_inj_params(self, lat, lon, m1, m2, dist, effDs)
set all of the injection parameters at once
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set_FAR(self, FAR_per_day) source code

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here are all the things we need

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