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Module ligolw_miinjfind

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Inspiral injection identification library.

Contains code providing the capacity to search a list of multi_inspiral candidates for events matching entries in a sim_inspiral list of software injections, recording the matches as inspiral <--> injection coincidences using the standard coincidence infrastructure.

Version: 8cbd1b7187ce3ed9a825d6ed11cc432f3cfde9a5

Date: 2017-12-05 15:29:36 +0000

Author: Duncan M. Macleod <>

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A wrapper interface to the XML document.
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multi_inspiral___cmp__(self, other) source code
append_process(xmldoc, match_algorithm, time_window, loudest_by, comment)
Convenience wrapper for adding process metadata to the document.
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find_multi_inspiral_matches(contents, sim, time_window, loudest_by=None)
Scan the inspiral table for triggers matching sim.
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add_sim_inspiral_coinc(contents, sim, inspirals)
Create a coinc_event in the coinc table, and add arcs in the coinc_event_map table linking the sim_inspiral row and the list of multi_inspiral rows to the new coinc_event row.
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ligolw_miinjfind(xmldoc, process, search, time_window, loudest_by=None, verbose=False)
Parse an XML document and find coincidences between entries in sim_inspiral and multi_inspiral tables.
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Variables [hide private]
  __credits__ = "Kipp Cannon <>"
  MultiInspiralSICoincDef = lsctables.CoincDef(search= u"inspira...
  process_program_name = "ligolw_inspinjfind"
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lsctables.CoincDef(search= u"inspiral", search_coinc_type= 1, descript\
ion= u"sim_inspiral<-->multi_inspiral coincidences")