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Class Category

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Class to store category information.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, offset_vector={}, datatype=None, veto_cat=None, on_instruments=frozenset([u'ALL']), ifos=frozenset([u'ALL']), param_group=None) source code
add_livetime(self, time) source code
get_livetime(self, time_units='yr') source code
selective_eq(self, other, check_me)
Only checks the values listed in check_me to figure out whether or not self is equal to other.
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__eq__(self, other)
For default equality check, uses class attribute default_match_criteria to check what parameters should be considered.
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__ne__(self, other) source code
__hash__(self) source code
Class Variables [hide private]
  default_match_criteria = ['offset_vector', 'datatype', 'veto_c...
Class Variable Details [hide private]


['offset_vector', 'datatype', 'veto_cat', 'on_instruments', 'ifos', 'p\