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Class GWGC

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         CBCGC --+

useful class for dealing with the gravitational wave galaxy catalog

Current catalog:

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A galaxy object that knows how to initialize itself from a line in a text file and consumes a minimum of memory.
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within_distances(self, dmin, dmax) source code

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Class Methods [hide private]
entry_from_line(cls, line, load_columns) source code
from_file(cls, fileobj, load_columns=None) source code
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  valid_columns = {"pgc":(0, int_or_tilde), "name":(1, str), "ra...

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entry_from_line(cls, line, load_columns)
Class Method

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Overrides: CBCGC.entry_from_line

from_file(cls, fileobj, load_columns=None)
Class Method

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Overrides: CBCGC.from_file

within_distances(self, dmin, dmax)

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Overrides: CBCGC.within_distances

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{"pgc":(0, int_or_tilde), "name":(1, str), "ra":(2, h2rad), "dec":(3, \
deg2rad_or_tilde), "mtype":(4, str), "app_mag":(5, float_or_tilde), "m\
aj_diam":(6, amin2rad_or_tilde), "maj_diam_error":(7, amin2rad_or_tild\
e), "min_diam":(8, amin2rad_or_tilde), "min_diam_error":(9, amin2rad_o\
r_tilde), "ratio_diams":(10, float_or_tilde), "ratio_diams_error":(11,\
 float_or_tilde), "pos_ang":(12, deg2rad_or_tilde), "abs_mag":(13, flo\
at_or_tilde), "distance_mpc":(14, float_or_tilde), "distance_error":(1\
5, float_or_tilde), "app_mag_error":(16, float_or_tilde), "abs_mag_err\