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Class AutoqueryingFrameCache

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object --+    
FrameCache --+

This subclass of FrameCache will query ligo_data_find automatically,
so no LAL-cache files are required. Limitation: you'll need one instance
per frame type.

    AutoqueryingFrameCache(frametype, hostPortString=None, scratchdir=None,

    frametype is the type of GWF frame you seek (e.g. RDS_R_L1).
    hostPortString is the name of the LDR server and optionally,
        with colon separation, the port (e.g.
    scratchdir determines where to locally cache frames. If None, no
        caching is performed.

>>> from pylal import frutils
>>> d = frutils.AutoqueryingFrameCache(frametype="H1_RDS_C03_L2", scratchdir="/tmp", verbose=True)
>>> data = d.fetch("H1:LSC-STRAIN", 861417967, 861417969)
Copying /Users/nvf/temp/H-H1_RDS_C03_L2-861417967-128.gwf -->
>>> print(data)
[  1.68448009e-16   1.69713183e-16   1.71046196e-16 ...,   1.80974629e-16
   1.80911765e-16   1.80804879e-16] {'dt': 6.103515625e-05, 'segments': [segment(861417967, 861417969)], 'comments': [], 'name': 'H1:LSC-STRAIN'}
>>> exit()
Removing /tmp/H-H1_RDS_C03_L2-861417967-128.gwf.

Using AutoqueryingFrameCache outside of LDG clusters, using Caltech as a
 * Just the first time you do this procedure: "sudo mkdir /data && sudo chown
   albert.einstein /data" (replace albert.einstein with your local username;
   /data may be different for different clusters)
 * Set the LIGO_DATAFIND_SERVER environment variable to
   (or the LDR server of the LDG cluster nearest you)
 * Use "sshfs -o ssh_command=gsissh /data" (replace
   albert.einstein with your cluster username)
 * Use "umount /data" when you're done. Unmounting cleanly will help prevent
   headaches the next time you want to set this up.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, frametype, hostPortString=None, scratchdir=None, verbose=False)
Initializes interface to frame data.
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_query(self, channel, start, end)
Do we know where the frame file is?
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__init__(self, frametype, hostPortString=None, scratchdir=None, verbose=False)

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Initializes interface to frame data. See .__class__.__doc__

Overrides: object.__init__
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_query(self, channel, start, end)

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Do we know where the frame file is?

Overrides: FrameCache._query