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Module frutils

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Author: Nickolas Fotopoulos <>

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FrameCache is a transparent interface to LSC data.
This subclass of FrameCache will query ligo_data_find automatically, so no LAL-cache files are required.
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Test that the proxy certificate is RFC 3820 compliant and that it is valid for at least the next 15 minutes.
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Follow the usual path that GSI libraries would follow to find a valid proxy credential but also allow an end entity certificate to be used along with an unencrypted private key if they are pointed to by X509_USER_CERT and X509_USER_KEY since we expect this will be the output from the eventual ligo-login wrapper around kinit and then myproxy-login.
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query_LDR(server, port, site, frameType, gpsStart, gpsEnd, urlType=None, noproxy=False)
Return a list of URLs to frames covering the requested time, as returned by the LDR server.
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