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Class SqliteJob

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CondorJob --+    
 CondorDAGJob --+
  AnalysisJob --+
Known Subclasses:

A cbc sqlite job adds to CondorDAGJob and AnalysisJob features common to jobs which read or write to a sqlite database. Of note, the universe is always set to local regardless of what's in the cp file, the extension is set to None so that it may be set by individual SqliteNodes, log files do not have macrogpsstarttime and endtime in them, and get_env is set to True.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, cp, sections, exec_name, dax=False)
universe = the condor universe to run the job in.
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Get the exec_name name
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set_exec_name(self, exec_name)
Set the exec_name name
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Inherited from CondorDAGJob: add_var_arg, add_var_condor_cmd, add_var_opt, create_node, get_dax_mpi_cluster, get_grid_site, set_dax_mpi_cluster, set_grid_site

Inherited from CondorJob: add_arg, add_checkpoint_file, add_condor_cmd, add_file_arg, add_file_opt, add_ini_opts, add_input_file, add_opt, add_output_file, add_short_opt, get_args, get_checkpoint_files, get_condor_cmds, get_executable, get_executable_installed, get_grid_scheduler, get_grid_server, get_grid_type, get_input_files, get_opt, get_opts, get_output_files, get_short_opts, get_stderr_file, get_stdin_file, get_stdout_file, get_sub_file, get_universe, set_executable, set_executable_installed, set_grid_scheduler, set_grid_server, set_grid_type, set_log_file, set_notification, set_stderr_file, set_stdin_file, set_stdout_file, set_sub_file, set_universe, write_sub_file

Inherited from AnalysisJob: channel, get_config, is_dax, set_channel

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__init__(self, cp, sections, exec_name, dax=False)

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universe = the condor universe to run the job in. executable = the executable to run in the DAG.

  • universe - the condor universe to run the job in.
  • executable - the executable to run.
  • queue - number of jobs to queue.
Overrides: AnalysisJob.__init__