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Class LDBDCNode

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    CondorDAGNode --+
CondorDAGNode --+   |
                |   |
     AnalysisNode --+

Runs an instance of ldbdc in a Condor DAG.

Instance Methods [hide private]
__init__(self, job) source code
get_identity(self, identity)
Get the identity name.
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get_insert(self, insert)
Get the insert name.
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get_pfn(self, pfn)
Get the pfn name.
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get_query(self, query)
Get the query name.
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get_server(self, server)
Get the server name.
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set_identity(self, identity)
Set the identity name.
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set_insert(self, insert)
Set the insert name.
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set_pfn(self, pfn)
Set the pfn name.
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set_query(self, query)
Set the query name.
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set_server(self, server)
Set the server name.
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Inherited from CondorDAGNode: __repr__, add_checkpoint_file, add_checkpoint_macro, add_file_arg, add_file_opt, add_input_file, add_input_macro, add_io_macro, add_macro, add_output_file, add_output_macro, add_parent, add_pegasus_profile, add_post_script_arg, add_pre_script_arg, add_var_arg, add_var_condor_cmd, add_var_opt, finalize, get_args, get_category, get_checkpoint_files, get_cmd_line, get_cmd_tuple_list, get_dax_collapse, get_grid_start, get_input_files, get_name, get_opts, get_output_files, get_pegasus_profile, get_post_script, get_post_script_arg, get_priority, get_retry, get_vds_group, job, set_category, set_dax_collapse, set_grid_start, set_log_file, set_name, set_post_script, set_pre_script, set_priority, set_retry, set_vds_group, write_category, write_input_files, write_job, write_output_files, write_parents, write_post_script, write_pre_script, write_priority, write_vars

Inherited from AnalysisNode: calibration, calibration_cache_path, get_calibration, get_data_end, get_data_start, get_end, get_ifo, get_ifo_tag, get_input, get_output, get_pad_data, get_start, get_trig_end, get_trig_start, get_user_tag, set_cache, set_data_end, set_data_start, set_end, set_ifo, set_ifo_tag, set_input, set_output, set_pad_data, set_start, set_trig_end, set_trig_start, set_user_tag

Method Details [hide private]

__init__(self, job)

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  • job - A CondorDAGJob that can run an instance of ligolw_add
Overrides: AnalysisNode.__init__