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Package auth

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The glue.auth module provides methods to communicate with data stored behind the LIGO.ORG authentication system

Version: 8cbd1b7187ce3ed9a825d6ed11cc432f3cfde9a5

Date: 2017-12-05 15:29:36 +0000

Author: Duncan Macleod <>

Submodules [hide private]
  • glue.auth.saml: This module is intended to make it easier to build web clients written in Python using the urllib module that can interoperate with the @LIGO.ORG infrastructure.

Functions [hide private]
request_ligodotorg(url, debug=False)
Request the given URL using LIGO.ORG SAML authentication.
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Variables [hide private]
  COOKIE_JAR = '/tmp/jenkins_cookies'
  __credits__ = 'Scott Koranda <>'
  __package__ = 'glue.auth'
Function Details [hide private]

request_ligodotorg(url, debug=False)

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Request the given URL using LIGO.ORG SAML authentication.

This requires an active Kerberos ticket for the user, to get one:

$ kinit albert.einstein@LIGO.ORG

url : `str`
    URL path for request
debug : `bool`, optional
    Query in verbose debuggin mode, default `False`

    file object containing output data, use .read() to extract
    text content